Real Body #3

Hello beauties,

I don’t want you to believe that if you have a certain silhouette you must dress the same every time; That it exists a limited number of combinations that will look good on you. On the contrary, there are unlimited options that can be flattering for you. So, for today, I will use the same model that I used for “Real Body #1”


The fashion figure template I used for this sketch is from

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Real Body #2

Hello beauties,

It’s time to celebrate, again, real beauty. Our model today is Teresa and I have for her, and for those with the same or similar body silhouette, a joyful and colorful outfit recommendation.


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Real Body #1

Hello beauties,

As I promise, I have a surprise for you. Actually it will be an entire week full of surprises. What kind of surprises? Brand new categories!

But let’s start with the beginning. Today is all about REAL BODY. I tried to make my sketches more realistic, but I know that are still very far from reality. So, with a little help from, I can make that happened.

No question today, just celebration of real beauty.

Our model is Valentina and this is my suggestion for her:


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