How to choose your bra #2

Hello beauties,

In the last article we started the discussion about bras and how we choose the ones that suit us. Today we continua and I will give you solutions for outfits that can’t be worn with a traditional bra.

Bra 1

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  1. Deep cleavage

When you wear a deep cleavage, your bra can be seen and this is not elegant at all. Fortunately, someone came up with a solution, and created the V bra. Another solution is to wear no bra, but it is preferable to do that when your top/dress is made from a firm material.

  1. Bare shoulders

This can’t be clearer. You need a bra without straps. Choose one with a wilder frame. It will support better your breast. If you don’t have a strapless bra, you can use one with detachable straps. Loosen one of the straps on both sides and the other just in front. Now you have one strap attached in the back. You should take it under the bra cups and catch it on the opposite side, in the back of the bra. Another solution is to use a bandeau bra. Use is alone or on top of a bra with detachable straps.

  1. Cropped on the side

The first solution is to buy a special bra. The second one is to move your straps toward to the center of your back and to use a small piece of plastic that you can find in shops, a safety pin, or even a paperclip to secure them in place. The third solution is to take off the straps (in the back) and reverse their place, so they will form an X on your back.

bra 2

  1. Thin back

If the piece of material that covers your back is very slim, you have no choice but to take a specially designed bra, a strapless or bandeau one.

  1. Back cleavage

You can get, or better say buy, a little help. He comes in the form of a band that has at the ends, like the bra, eyes and hooks.  What does exactly do? It pulls the wings of the bra and let your back naked.

  1. Around the neck

In this case you have several options: specifically designed bra, strapless bra or bra with detachable straps. In the last-mentioned case you have to take of one of the straps and to fix the other one just in front of the bra (both places).

bra 3

  1. One Shoulder

Here things are quite simple. One Shoulder = one strap. It is not as good as two, but it is better than nothing. Depending on the clothes cut, you can adjust the strap.

  1. Invisible bra

If none of the bras presented so far does help, there is still hope. There are several bras made of fabric or silicone that stick to the skin and cover only the breast area.

  1. Bandeau bras

Unlike other bras, these kinds of bras are part of the outfit’s composition. Match them to the outfit, and get rid of fear that others can see your bra.

 Remember: You are beautiful…



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