Real Body #3

Hello beauties,

I don’t want you to believe that if you have a certain silhouette you must dress the same every time; That it exists a limited number of combinations that will look good on you. On the contrary, there are unlimited options that can be flattering for you. So, for today, I will use the same model that I used for “Real Body #1”


The fashion figure template I used for this sketch is from

I know that I’ve told you the last time that you should mark your waist. It doesn’t mean that you can’t wear clothes with volume in your upper body. You just need to know how to mix and match. Like a general rule, don’t wear just clothes that give volume. If you have a cape, wear it with skinny pants. If you like wide, pleated skirts, opt for a tight top. Also, with this kind of clothes, it is preferable to wear heels or platforms.

I will say that until it becomes a generally accepted rule. STOP wearing only wide, black clothes. I see so many beautiful women that are practically wrap themselves in those clothes. There is no reason why you should do that. Remember: You are beautiful…



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