My favorite summer trends

Hello beauties,

It will be still summer for, at least, one month. So, I’m not ready yet for the fall trends. I want to celebrate this warm weather. Here are my 3 favorite summer trends.


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  1. Lace

I really like lace and I believe that is no better season for it that summer. Even if it is just an accent, or an entire outfit, an elegant dress or a boho look, I simply love the delicacy of this material. It is also very good when the weather is stifling hot.


  1. Stripes

When I think of stripes, I think of sailors, sea  and, of course, summer. I start to believe that this trend is eternal. You can always wear stripes in a way or another. And, if you know how to choose the perfect “kind of stripes”, they are very flattering.


  1. Floral

Flowers, flowers everywhere. I like to be surrounded by flowers. I may have the tendency to exaggerate because I like almost everything that has flowers. So, floral patterns are my favorite summer trend. Those patterns are so joyful and colorful that I can help myself. I must have it and wear it …. very often.


Which are your favorite summer trends? Remember: You are beautiful…



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