Natural treatments for oily hair

Hello beauties,

Every day we put our hair to various tests: hairdressing, hair dryer, wavy hair, etc. All these processes, constantly repeated, make the hair oily and it leads us to wash it almost every day.

The question of the day: How can we get rid of oily hair?

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Three months ago, I washed my hair every two days. Now I started to wash it every three days. It was quite annoyed that only in the first day I had voluminous hair and then it becomes again oily. Now, I enjoy two days with voluminous hair and that’s only because I started using some herbal treatments.

I tried various methods, but the best results obtained was using these:

bubble-003It helps remove the oil from the scalp and hair.

How do you use it? Combine a cup of water with a cup of apple cider vinegar and rinse the hair after washing with shampoo, then rinse again with warm water.

Try to let your hair dry naturally and do not keep the towel on your head more than you should because it reduces the volume.

To get rid of the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of lavender.

Personally, I let hair dry completely and then I dry it with a rotating brush, just to mold it a little.

bubble-002Beer contains alcohol which helps dry the hair, but not so much that disturbing.

You can wash your hair with beer once a week, it is enough, and soon you will notice the results. In addition, the hair will shine.

I started using these treatments, if I may call it that, about three mounts ago and I am super happy with the results.


What tricks/treatments are you using?

In next week’s article we will talk about treatments for dry and damaged hair.

Remember: You are beautiful!



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