How to protect our skin from the sun

Hello beauties,

Because we are in summer season, moment in which the sun is very strong, we must give high priority to our skin.

The question of the day: How do we protect our skin from the sun?


Most of us, choose to spend their holidays at the seaside, on the beach. In this case, we have to pay attention not only on the protection of the body skin, but also of the face skin, because we don’t want to ruin our vacation with burns occurred on skin.The question of the day: How do we protect our skin from the sun?

In excess, the sun can cause aging skin. To protect our skin from strong sunlight, we must apply a day cream with SPF properly to our skin, before going to the beach.

The dermatologists recommended applying  the cream at least half an hour before sun exposure. If you go into the water, make sure that at the return you will apply cream again because water remove it.

After sun exposure, it is necessary to hydrate the skin with a proper lotion, avoiding skin to peel. Take into consideration all the dermatologist’s warnings.

That had been said, I wish you a great vacation with lovely memories. Remember: You are beautiful



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