Boho style

The question of the day: How do we face the hot weather?

Loose materials, vaporous cuts, natural textures … can’t be clearer than that – Boho style is most suitable for summer. This style combines hippy, gyps, vintage pieces, ethnic  and folk patterns which together give that bohemian look.

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Because it is so versatile, this style can be adopted by anyone. How to choose an outfit that suits you? That’s why I’m here, to guide you.

If you don’t know what kind of figure you have, click here and find out.



  • Choose a loose, airy dress and mark your waist with a thin belt. Besides the fact that you will look incredible, you will feel the same.
  • You can, as well, to wear a pair of shorts and a tunic, but don’t give up to the belt.
  • Wear some flat sandals, gladiator type or platforms. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Accessorize your outfit with wood and leather jewelry.

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  • It’s time to show your legs. Do this with a pair of shorts.
  • You can choose to wear a lace top or a loose blouse. Another option is to choose a crop top and a thin shawl or cardigan over.
  • Wear boots, soft leather boots, or sandals.
  • Do not forget your sunglasses!


  • IMG_20150511_132121.1You look incredible in dresses. Choose a long one, made from a thin material (veil is always a good choice), without shoulders.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in long dresses, you can opt for a shorter dress or midi one. Whatever the choice, do not forget to mark your waist with a thin belt.
  • Wear flat sandals or platform made from natural materials.
  • Woven into the hair? Chandelier earrings? Feathers? Necklaces? All of the above? It’s all up to you.


  • Loose blouses with cleavage? It is clear that those are looking incredible on you . They are also the most inspired choice in hot weather.
  • You can match them with a pair of flared pants, or some shorts. Choose jeans or brown leather.
  • Platform, sandals, flat boots (only with shorts). You can choose any of those.
  • Add a hat to avoid the sun and you’re ready to go!



  • How about a casual, airy dress, made from a soft and thin material? It sounds incredibly cool, right? So it is, and you will look great.
  • You can try tunic a combination of a tunic and a pair of shorts.
  • Wear some comfortable shoes: low sandals, platforms made from soft materials, why not, boots.
  • Accessorize with flowers, large necklaces and bracelets made of wood. Be creative!

Style tips:

  • Wear floral or ethnic patterns.
  • Choose tunics, oversize tops with wide, flared pants, shorts or long vaporous dresses.
  • Don’t forget to add hats, beads, jewelry, wood and leather big earrings and necklaces, lace, ruffles and tassels.
  • Choose a natural makeup.
  • Create a relaxed hairstyle or just let your hair down.
  • And last, but not least – Remember: You are beautiful!

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