The shape of eyebrows according to face shape

Hello Beauties,

Each one of us places great importance on our physical appearance and we must consider numerous tricks to arouse the admiration of others. As Harriet Beecher Stowe says: “Women are real architects of society”, and who blames him?!


But, let’s return at the theme of this article. Today we will speak about how correctly pensions depending on our face shape. In this regard, we must take into account several aspects, to have a natural and contoured look.

The question of the day: What eyebrows shape we choose to highlight facial features?

First, when you choose a form of eyebrows, you must take into account your face shape. The way you choose to pensions can significantly improve your look or you can have a headache for several weeks. “Women are always beautiful” (Ville Valo) and we must constantly emphasize this.

The ideal eyebrow shape for each face type:


Oval face – I begin with this face type because it’s the most flexible in terms of eyebrows shape. If you have this face type you are allowed to try almost any eyebrows shape. Keep in mind that you should avoid sharp eyebrows because you will seem severe, tense, which will be a significant minus for you.


Oblong face fits perfectly elongated flat eyebrows shape, offering a very natural look. You should avoid arched eyebrows because they add an even more elongate your face.



Round face (is my case) lacks the required length. How can we add length? With the arched eyebrows form, considered by specialists the ideal eyebrows shape. This form will give you naturalness and delicacy. Avoid pointy, round and flat form.



If you have square face, then try with confidence rounded form, slightly arched, in an “S”. Keep a pronounced eyebrow form. Avoid round shape.



If you have heart face, then you can balance the facial features appealing with rounded eyebrows shape. This form gives you a suave and feminine rate. Avoid flat form.



Ideal for this kind of face are arched eyebrows that reduces the width of the face and sweeten traits. Avoid flat form.

I will make you a summary:

Oval face – avoid sharp form.

Elongated face – opt for flat form and avoid sharp arch shape.

Round face – opt for a bow shape and avoid rounded shape.

Square face – opt for eyebrows in the form of „S” and avoid rounded shape.

Heart face – opt for rounded shape and avoid flat form.

Diamond face – opt for a bow shape and avoid flat form.

If you cannot pluck your eyebrows, then you have to take care at the person in charge. I have round face and arched eyebrows, but some time ago I had the misfortune to come across a “specialist” that rounded my eyebrows. When I looked in the mirror I had a shock, I didn’t recognize myself, to tell you honestly. I had to stay with this form about two months, and then I return at my initial form. An extremely unpleasant experience, but with lessons.  What eyebrow form do you have?

Remember: You are BEAUTIFUL!



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