The correct cleansing

Hello Beauties,

The process of cleansing is the most important for maintaining a healthy skin and you should not ever skip over it.

Question of the day: How to wash/clean your face properly?


There are many products for cleansing and also many rituals. But, you must know which is the right one for you. In choosing cleansing products, you should be aware of several factors:

  • First, you must know what skin type you have, to be able to choose from the wide range of products the right one for your skin.
  • Right then, you have to be aware to the list of ingredients (may contain ingredients that cause allergies and you can suffer if you don’t pay attention to these details); and last but not least, you should be aware of the area where you are going to use the product (cheeks, eyelids, etc.)

I will share my cleaning ritual with you. Also, I am waiting for comments from you with the methods used by you.

  1. Eyes

I start by cleaning the eye area, which is the most sensitive and the most difficult to clean. I remove mascara with two diskettes. One diskette I folded in half and I place it under the eyes, and the second one I soaked well with cleanser and make moves up and down to get rid of masking layer. I change the diskette and continuous the process for removing shadow. The area under the eyes I clean it through slight movements.

  1. Skin

For skin cleansing I use micellar lotion. I apply the lotion on diskettes and make circular and light movements on the skin. It is very important that at the end of the process, the diskette stays clean. Then, I wash my face with a cleansing gel, and finally I apply termal water, which helps soothe the skin. My skin stays clean and can breathe.

If after cleaning the skin you use tonic lotion, it must not contain alcohol. If the diskette remains traces, that means cleansing wasn’t complete.

It is very important, before going to bed, your face must be completely cleansed (even if you come tired from club, etc., do not skip this step). Overnight, the cells regenerates and skin needs to breathe.


  • Never press the skin when you clean it, even if makeup are highly resistant (leave the diskette soaked in the area a few seconds to soften and remove easily).
  • Avoid using cleansing wipes.
  • To remove eyeliner pencil you can use a special stick ear soak in milk/lotion cleansing.
  • The forehead is recommended to be cleansed vertical, not horizontal.
  • Clean the skin in upward, not downward.

What tricks do you use?  Remember: You are beautiful!  



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  1. Similar e si ritualul meu de demachiere, dar sar peste partea cu gelul de curatare, caci imi usuca prea tare fata daca il folosesc on a regular basis. Am unul in posesie, pe care il folosesc pentru demachiere fast forward atunci cand ajung acasa foarte devreme dimineata 😛

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