Skirt and shirt

Hello beauties,

What could be more banal than the combination of skirt and blouse? And yet…how do we choose the most suitable model for us?

The question of the day: Do you know what skirt / blouse suits you?
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If you do not know what your body shape is, click here and find out 🙂


Shirts – which follow the body line.

Skirts – pencil or slightly wider, made from a fluid material.


  • Mark the waistline,
  • Avoid clothes that add volume. If you do add volume, be sure to do it both sides of the body, to keep proportions.



Shirts – With ruffles or applications in the shoulders and/or chest, peplum,

Skirts – A-line, cloche, peplum or conical.


  • Wear high-waisted skirts and belts to mark your waist,
  • Avoid clothes that give volume in the waist area.

  • IMG_20150504_145322TRIANGLE

    Shirts – with ruffles or applications in the shoulders and/or breasts.

    Skirts – high-waisted, straight, wider (a material fluid) or pencil.


    • Opt for midi skirts, blouses with no shoulders and mark the waistline,
  • Avoid skirts with tiny graphic or applications.


    INVERTED TRIANGLEIMG_20150504_145401

    Shirts– loose, made from a fluid material.

    Skirts– A-line, cloche or peplum.


    • The waist of the skirt is preferable to coincide with the smallest area of your waist,
  • Avoid shirts with breeche shoulders or applications in this area.

  • probaDIAMOND

    Shirts – Large, made from a soft material, tunics.

    Skirts – straight and/or tight.


    •  Choose a tight shirt with medium waist and over it take a tunic or a long and loose blouse,
    • Avoid clothes that give volume in the waist area.

    Remember: You are beautiful!



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