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Hello beauties,

Today we continue on the same idea as the last week: basics. Yes, for me the suit is a basic piece of any wardrobe. Chances are it will not fit into your style. Perhaps you would like to wear a suit, but have not had the opportunity until now. In any case, at some point you will wear one.

The question of the day: What office suit suit each silhouettes?

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If you don’t know what your body shape is, click here and find out 🙂

Varianta in romana – aici 🙂



  • I will repeat myself, but it is important to mark your waist. Choose an arched blazer that shows your forms. You can opt for blazers with cordon or belt in the waist zone.
  • Avoid blazers with oversized shoulders. Opt for those that follow the body line.
  • The ideal length is up to the hips, or even longer. You can choose a blazer that covering half of your butt. Make sure you choose a model that does not lift on your bottom. A blazer that is wider or split at the bottom should solve the problem.


  • Choose a pair of tight pants (but not exaggerated), straight or tapered, but ones that doesn’t add volume to the hips. Avoid bulky clamps and applications in this area.
  • You can opt for a pair of pants, ankle-length, or even a pair that covers your shoes.



  • The blazers with shoulder applications or with applications in the breast zone look very good on you. You can choose a model with big collar. Opt for an arched blazer with two lines buttons. You can add a belt for more definition.
  • Avoid very loose blazers, straight and long, beneath which your body simply can’t be see. Avoid also very soft materials. Choose thicker materials.
  • Choose the hips length blazers or the ones that are covering half of your bottom.


  • Wear straight or slightly tapered pants. You look very nice in pants which bare ankle.
  • You can choose pants with side pockets or with tweezers.



  • Choose a blazer that marks your waistline. You look very good in arched blazers that are closed with a single button. You can wear a thinner belt or a cord. You can opt for a blazer with oversized shoulders.
  • The right blazer for you is the one that is covering half of your bottom. You have a curved bottom so don’t forget to choose a model that is wider in that zone, or has a cleft. Otherwise, it will lift on your butt.
  • Avoid very loose blazers that cover your waist and also very short ones.


  • Choose a pair of straight pants which fall beautifully on the body, not too tight.
  • Pants must be made of a stronger material that provides support, but which is also elastic. In that way, it will not flatten your forms.



  • Choose a blazer with volume at the bottom. You look very good in blazers with ruffles in the back (bottom) or with a peplum form. To accentuate your waist choose an arched blazer. You can use a wide belt.
  • You can wear short blazers with V-shaped neckline, but the longest one suit you well too.
  • Avoid blazers with application at shoulder and/or breast area or those with oversized shoulders.


  • Choose a pair of pants with medium or low waist, flared, or slightly wider. Avoid pants that are very wide at the top.
  • You can opt for a straight pair of pants, or with a masculine cut.




  • Wear loose blazers, straight, that are falling natural on your body line. You look very good in blazers with long collar and lapels; with vertical models. You can also wear it opened.
  • Choose blazers with V-shaped neckline. You can opt for the shorter ones.
  • Avoid very tight jackets, arched. Also, avoid jackets with applications in the waist or bust area.


  • Choose a pair of straight pants made of a heavy material that falls beautifully on your body. You can try a slightly flared pants.
  • If you choose a pair of pants with medium or higher waist, let the blouse outside.

Style tips:

  • Just because it is an office suit, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Combine, play! The blazer and the pants shouldn’t necessary be the same color. It is still preferable to be of the same material, or at least one similar.
  • The uni costume lengthens the silhouette.
  • Use accessories to give a touch of color and femininity of such a masculine outfit.
  • If you feel „corseted” in suit, use a soft, casual shirt. You will feel more comfortable.

Remember: You are beautiful!  



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