Blouse and Jeans

Hello beauties,

Today we will talk about two of the most important pieces of any wardrobe: blouse and jeans.

The question of the day: Do you know how to choose these items according to your silhouette?
I’m sure each of you have these pieces in the wardrobe. They are easy to match and basically saves you when you have no idea what to wear or when you must choose an outfit quickly. But how do you choose them according to your silhouette?

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If you don’t know what your body shape is, you can find here.




  • Choose a simple blouse, made from a soft material that falls beautifully on the body. This will accentuate your forms.
  • Avoid volumes, they will make your upper body to appear more prominent than the lower.
  • Avoid also very loose blouses that hide your waist.


  • Wear an average or high waist jeans to mark your waistline.
  • You can opt for a pair of pants that are straight or slightly conical.



  • Opt for a blouse with shoulders slightly breeches.
  • You can choose blouses that have applications in the front area: bows, frills, etc.
  • Avoid very loose blouses. They will hide your forms.


  • Choose a straight jeans, light-colored. Your body allows you to wear slim or even the prewashed jeans.
  • You can opt for a pair of jeans with clamps on top.





  • Choose a blouse in a light color with shoulders slightly breeches.
  • You can opt for blouses that have applications in the front area.
  • Avoid very tight blouses in dark colors.


  • Choose a pair of high waist jeans. In this way you mark your thin waist.
  • The best style for you is the straight jeans, or slightly tapered, in a dark color. Don’t forget that pants should be slightly elastic. Otherwise, they will flatten your backside.


INVERTED TRIANGLEIMG_20150330_12105311


  • Choose a blouse made from a soft material. In this way you will emphasize your breasts. Blouses made from rigid material flattens your forms.
  • Open the first button. If you are not doing this, will create the impression of a short neck.
  • Avoid blouses with big shoulders or applications.


  • I look really good in flared pants with low or medium waistline.
  • Select a pair in a light color and throw the blouse in it.




  • Choose for a straight blouse in a dark color.
  • The blouse material should be a vaporous one. The veil is a good choice.
  • Avoid blouses with small graphic designs applications. They give volume. You can opt for vertical stripes instead.


  • Choose a pair of skinny jeans. Let the blouse off.
  • Since your legs are thin you can wear bright color jeans.


Style tips:

  • Dark colors thins, while light colors add volume.
  • Vertical stripes elongate the silhouette, and the horizontal stripes widen.
  • The back pockets of the pants must be positioned around the center of the bottom.
  • The more spaced are the pockets, the more wide will seem the butt and vice versa.
  • If pockets are above, this will elongate the bottom, if the pockets are below, this will make legs appear shorter.

Remember: You are beautiful!  



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