5 steps to get rid of cellulite

Hello beauties,

Question of the day: Do you know how to get rid of cellulite?

coaja de portocala

Do you have cellulite? Don’t worry, it’s not a tragedy. More than 90% of women is facing with this problem. The good part is that you can get rid of the appearance of orange peel or at least you can make it blur. Follow the steps below and you will see in short time the results.

  1. Exfoliate the skin

The exfoliation purpose consist in removing dead cells and make the skin moist. You can use cornmeal, sugar or sea salt. Gently massage without hurting the skin.

  1. Use a cellulite cream made with coffee grounds. You can prepare this cream at your home. Don’t throw the coffee grounds when you prepare your coffee. Mix a cup of coffee grounds with a few drops of olive oil. Gently massage the skin with this mixture.
  1. Wrap all

You should stay with this mixture on your body for, at least, 30 minutes. You can use foil to wrap the areas where the mixture is. Put a warm blanket or towel.

  1. Make alternative showers

They enhance the circulation of peripheral blood and stimulate the metabolism. In addition, you can remove, in this way, the coffee grounds. Start with warm water, from the legs up to the abdomen. Do the same with cold water. Repeat the process several times.

5. Massage your skin

Massage is very beneficial, especially if you have foot pain and heaviness. The message will reduce the appearance of orange peel and will eliminate toxins. Here are some tips:

  • Apply a moisturizer or an oil from the bottom of the foot to the tights and massage gently.
  • Pinch slightly cellulite areas. With your fingers pull the skin up. Press with your fits the affected areas.
  • You can twist the skin easily. Catch up with your fingers large portions of skin and twist them.

The cellulite massage starts from the bottom to the top and it must be strong. Be careful and don’t hurt your skin.

It remains one question. How often do you have to go through these five steps? The answer is simple. The more often, the better. Even if you can’t follow all the steps every day, try to enter in your daily routine at least some of them.

photo-1427096105551-15e2512fd2dcDo you know any effective method to get rid of cellulite?

Share it with us!

Remember: You are beautiful!



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