Daily Skin Care

Hello Beauties,

Question of the day: Do you know how to properly take care of your skin?

Thorough knowledge of the particularities of each type of skin is essential.


If you don’t know what skin type do you have, find here.


  • Clean up you face twice a day using a special soap. You can also use a toner (non – alcoholic) to remove in this way traces of makeup and to keep pores closed;
  • Before makeup use a daily moisturizer;
  • Before bed, clean up your face using a micellar lotion and a thermal water. You will feel the differences immediately;
  • In summer, when the sun’s rays are strong, protect your skin. This will help it to remain beautiful and young;

  • Use a moisturizing mask at least once a week to maintain the skin’s moisture level.


  • Clean up your face 2-3 times a day using an antiseptic and antibacterial soap.
  • Please note! Avoid using cleaning creams how are fattening the skin. Use astringent lotions.
  • Use masks with clay. It helps remove excess sebum;
  • Do not apply a night cream;
  • For shrinking pores , alternative uses hot and cold water compresses;
  • Use non – greasy moisturizers;
  • Consume vitamin A supplements. This procedure controls the production of sebum.


  • Uses a tonic solution ( non-alcoholic ) and then clean up your face with water;
  • Use, for cleaning, creamy cleanser how will moisturizing your skin;
  • Before makeup use a daily moisturizer;
  • Before sleep use a night moisturizer, compact;
  • Use penetrating, emollient and nourishing creams;
  • Avoid using powder. It will dry your skin.
  • Take nutritional supplements rich in vitamin E and based on fish oil.


  • Daily care of this type of skin involves combining treatments for dry and greasy skin, to reduce sebum secretion and to moisturize dry areas;
  • Use moisturize creams on the entire face;
  • Apply an exfoliating mask one a week;
  • Use on the fatty areas astringent lotion and a non-alcoholic lotion on the dry areas;
  • Eat nutritional supplements rich in vitamins A, C and E.


  • Avoid using hot or cold water;
  • Avoid excessive consumption of spices, alcohol and tobacco;
  • Use cosmetics that tones the capillary wall;
  • Avoid lotions with alcohol;
  • Use shooting cosmetics masks.


  • Protect your skin in summer;
  • Use intensive moisturizing serums;
  • You must consider the particularities of your skin type. Mature skin isn’t a type of skin. It can be oily, dry or acne. According to these features, your skin needs a specific care.


  • The sun is your friend. His radiation can prevent bacterial infections;
  • Clean up your skin with products suitable for oily skin;
  • Regularly exfoliate your skin to clean the pores and remove dead cells;
  • Moisturize your skin with mild creams;
  • It is advisable to consult a dermatologist. He can make you a personalized program of care.

photo-1427096105551-15e2512fd2dcNext week I will tell you how to prepare different masks for every skin type at your home.

Do you have a skin care ritual? Share it with us! Do not forget to specify what type of skin you have.  

Remember: You are beautiful!



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