How to keep your body skin healthy

Hello beauties,

The question of the day: Do you know how to maintain your body skin healthy and shiny? 

Here are some tips and natural treatments (inexpensive) which can help you have an enviable skin. The ingredients used are common.

body care 3

  1. Alternatively showers. We all heard about this method, but how exactly does it works? First, the method of use is this: use cold and hot water alternatively. Gradually apply the hot water jet starting from the legs to the waist, and after that do the same with cold water.

Tips: DON’T use very cold or hot water.

Benefits: This procedure helps the skin to become more elastic, the cellulite fades and prevents stretch marks.

  1. Avoid hot and long showers / baths. Get rid of this habit because it is not good for your skin, on the contrary, it dries. Use water at the right temperature.

Tips: Add in the bathtub a concentrated infusion of green tea (5 sachets per liter of water).

Benefits: The green tea can equalize skin color.

  1. The exfoliation during the shower. What do you have to do in this case? A very good and healthy treatment consist in mixing a cup of corn flour and two spoons of honey, to which is added water until it’s form a thick paste / homogeneous paste. Apply this treatment on the body, in the shower and massage gently, circular, then rinse with plenty of water.

Benefits: Your skin will become softer.

  1. Intense hydration. The magic ingredient is coconut oil. Massage the skin when it’s still wet with coconut oil and remove the remaining water with a towel. In short time, your skin will be soft and perfumed.
  2. Body milk. Body Milk. How to prepare this product?! Very simple!

You will need:

  • 10 spoons of olive oil,
  • ½ small spoon of sugar,
  • a hot cup of tea ( 1 tea bag of chamomile, 1 tea bag of marigold and 2 tea bags of celandine),
  • juice from half a lemon,
  • ½ little bottle of vitamin A,
  • 30 capsuleswith vitamin  Break the capsules and use only the composition.

Mix these ingredients then put the mixture into a spray bottle (for better utilization). After each bath, spray all over the body, massaging gently.

I am waiting for your reviews after you try these treatments. 😀

Remember: You are beautiful!



2 gânduri despre &8222;How to keep your body skin healthy&8221;

    1. Si mie imi place zatul de cafea. L-am folosit pe coapse pentru a scapa de celulita si sunt foarte multumita de rezultate. Uleiul de cocos este un alt ingredient minune. Am scris un articol despre beneficiile pe care le aduce pielii.


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