Skin Types

Hello Beauties,

The question of the day: Do you know what skin type you have?

Normal? Oily? Mature? After all, why is important to know what skin type you have? The answer is very simple.  Each skin type needs special care.

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There is a simple test which can help you find out your skin type. This is called the “tissue test”. Look what you have to do. Clean up you face and remove any makeup marks. Wait for approximately 3 hours. Take a tissue, put it on your face and press it for a few seconds.

Then, look the tissue in the light:

  • If you have a very small quantity of oil on the tissue- you have NORMAL skin
  • If there are very oily marks – you have OILY skin
  • If there is no oil at all – you have DRY skin
  • If there are a few oil marks on the tissue, at T zone – you have COMBINATION skin.

Each skin type has distinctive characteristics:

NORMAL skin type:

  • elastic and moisturized skin, but not shiny;
  • small pores, that are not visible;
  • soft and delicate texture;
  • clean and bright aspect;

OILY skin type:

  • lack of suppleness, appearance of orange peel;
  • oily skin;
  • blackheads, big pores and pimples;
  • the skin is thicker.

DRY skin type:

  • the skin is rough, inflexible, fragile and easily irritated
  • could have spots,
  • does not have a protective layer of sebum;
  • is dehydrated and it peels.

COMBINATION skin type:

  • it is a combination between dry and oily skin;
  • in the “T zone” the skin is oily;
  • the cheeks are fragile , in this zone the skin is dry;
  • is the most common type of skin.

At these categories may be added another 3:

COUPEROSE skin type:

  • on the skin surface can be seen some thin and red wires.

ACNEIC skin type:

  • has pimples and blackheads.

MATURE skin type:

  • inflexible and wrinkled;
  • can have spots, bags under the eyes, warts;
  • can increase the number of moles.

In the next articles we will talk about skin care, for every type of skin.

Remember: You are beautiful!  



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