The shape of the body

Hello beauties,

The question of the day: Do you know what the shape of your body is?

body shapes

Every woman is unique, so is her body. However, in general, a woman’s body can be included in some typologies. These typologies imply certain bone structure and predisposition of fat to accumulate in some areas. For those who got scared just reading the word „fat”, I want to make some specifications. Fat is NOT bad. Everyone has fat and it is absolutely necessary for the survival of the organism.

Even if in “fashion world” certain body structures are promoted, I believe that there is no preferable typology and no body type more beautiful than another. No matter height, weight and bone structure, every body is beautiful. Why is important to know what type of  body you have? Because that’s the way you can learn how to make choices that are flattering for your body. The way you dress can make a huge disfavor to your body and I guarantee you that no woman, no matter how beautiful she is, looks good dressed in anything.

Enough talk, let’s get to more practical matters. In general, the female body types are: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle and diamond.

Post 11

Principles of choosing the outfit depending on body shape are kept no matter height or weight.

clepsidra spotHourglass

If you have this figure, then you have:

-The size of the hips and shoulders approximately equal,

  • Breasts and butt circumference approximately equal,
  • Small waist and voluptuous shapes.

Your body is approximately symmetrical. You have medium or large breasts, curved bottom and a wasp waist. The fat is distributed equally between breasts and hips. No matter weight, there is a significant difference between breast/ hip circumference and waist.

dreptunghi spot


If you have this figure, then you have:

– The size of the hips and shoulders approximately equal,

– Breasts and butt circumference approximately equal,

– Slim silhouette.

You’ve got the slimmest body of all and probably the most toned. You have a low percentage of  body fat distributed evenly over the body. It comes easily for you to develop your muscles and you’re probably envied for your belly and your legs.

triunghi spot


If you have this figure, then you have:

– Small shoulders,

– Defined waist,

– Hips wider than shoulders.

The first things that someone sees at your body are curved butt, small waist and delicate shoulders. Fat is deposited mainly on the thighs and the butt, and this accentuates your small waist even more.

triunghi inversat spot

Inverted triangle

If you have this figure, then you have:

– Large or medium breasts,

– Shoulders wider than the hips,

– Thin legs.

Your body will confuse those who watch you because your breasts and your legs attract attention simultaneously. Fat is deposited mostly on breasts and eventually on hands and tummy. You have small hips and thin legs.

diamant spot


If you have this figure, then you have:

– Big or medium breasts,

– The size of the hips and shoulders approximately equal,

– Thin legs.

You have the advantage of voluptuous shapes and slim legs. Fat is stored mostly on the abdomen and then the breasts and/or hips. Most likely you’re proud of your breasts and/or butt.

In the next articles you will find tips on how you should choose your clothes, depending on your body shape.

Remember: You are beautiful!  



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